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Qt Creator 4.9 uses KSyntaxHighlighting

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Christoph Cullmann
Christoph Cullmann
Software Engineer at AbsInt and KDE contributor

As you can read in the official Creator 4.9.0 release announcement, Qt Creator now uses the KSyntaxHighlighting Framework for providing the generic highlighting.

This is a nice step for the wider adoption of this MIT licensed part of the KDE Frameworks.

And this is not just an one-way consumption of our work.

The framework got actively patches back that make it more usable for other consumers, too, like Kate ;=)

If you want concrete examples, take a look at:

I hope this cooperation will continue in the future. I thank the people working on Qt Creator that made this integration possible. I hope the initial effort will pay of with less code for them to maintain on their own and more improvements of the framework for all users.


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