The Qt 6 based KDE Frameworks 6 (KF6) development is ongoing since some time.

Already many things including Plasma and several applications, like Kate, have working KF6 based development versions.

KDE contributors did meet this week online for planning the final release time-frames.

We came up with this current plan:

Frameworks / Plasma/ Gear Release Schedule Plan

Following on from the last Akademy we checked where we were with our development progress in a meeting and settled on the following plan for all 3 major parts:

  • In KDE Gear master will be open for Qt6 code to land for those ready to move. Not all apps need to port.

  • The KDE Gear release will move by 2 months to allow for the extra time needed for testing initial Qt6 changes

  • An Alpha will be made in November (a soft freeze in Plasma terms)

  • Betas/RCs will be made throughout December and January (3 releases, 3 weeks apart)

  • Final release of all 3 major parts in sync in February

Due to the delay of KDE Gear by an additional patch release of 23.08 will be made.

This is still up for discussion, but if no objections come up, we will see a triple release of a first stable KF6, KF6 based Plasma and KF6 based Gear next February.

There is still a lot to do, help is welcome!