While browsing the ISO C++ homepage I stumbled over the results PDF of the Second Annual C++ Foundation Developer Survey “Lite”.

I was astonished that Kate made it into the “Which development environments (IDEs) or editors do you use for C++ development?” results.

;=) Seems not only I use it as my normal editor for working on C++ code.

And heads up, KDevelop is there, too!

This is actually the second survey, I missed to notice the first one last year. The results PDF from last year shows Kate did show up already there.

We shouldn’t be that proud of only having less than three percent usage, but still, we are there at all. I hope we can rise here a bit in the future.

At least we work on supporting modern C++ standards in the highlighting, e.g. see the recent C++20 improvements (Phabricator + Commit). Thanks to Jonathan Poelen for the patch!

Language Server Protocol (LSP) would help, too, but my initial work is far from usable, help appreciated. Beside a hacked “goto definition” nothing works at the moment (and it is hardcoded to just start clangd, no other LSP server).